Should I use Color Oops?

if anybody has any experience in using color oops, i'd like your opinion on this please!
in June i dyed my natural blonde hair for the first time ever. i dyed it a cherry red color. it was this color, to be exact.
i dyed it again in September, the same color, as a touchup. now, i decided to go back to blonde. the red has faded to a light red/orangey color, as it has been 5 months since i last dyed it. now i'm not very experienced or knowledgable when it comes to hair dye, i've only dyed it once, one shade. i figured if i dyed over it with a really light blonde color, it might turn it into an orange-y color. something more manageable, and easy to color over.
i dyed my hair with this color about a week ago.
since its so many shades lighter, i thought it might do something significant. it has lightened it a litttttle bit, but it's still very red.. all i really wanna do is get this red out of my hair. at least some of it, so it's easier to get back to blonde. i don't want to bleach my hair, so please don't suggest that.
would it be okay to use Color Oops on my hair now that i've already dyed over it with blonde? do you think it will remove ANY of the red dye? i don't know how much color it's capable of removing, since i did just dye over it with blonde.. i was thinking i was just gonna dye over it with blonde several times, but now i've realized it may be easier to use color oops once and remove a lot of the color so i have a clear canvas to work with. sorry this is long.. thanks for any answers in advance!

bump.. anyone else?


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  • Yes use the color oops twice. first time it will turn your hair to a carmel Orange. the next will be a yellow from there get ash toned blonde box hair dye , and continue process. you will have to let your hair rest at least a week after color oops. also get a hair mask to help your hair afterwards.

    • awesome! thanks so much. i already bought an extra light ash blonde hair dye, for the next step :D. i think i will try this at least once. i'm also looking into buying purple shampoo to help tone out the brassiness if needed.

    • I've done this process of red to blonde to many times lol purple shampoo helps, but not as much as it says. instead of right away going for the lightest blonde because you want the red to go away go for a darker blonde, and go up from there it really helps

    • ahh okay. i also have a medium natural blonde color that i bought a while back too lol! i didn't know which one to buy so i bought that, and then i went for the extra light natural blonde. it will cover better if i do the darker blonde first? that does actually make sense.

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