Where at would/do you want/have a tattoo or piercing?

I'm too scared of needles to get any if these, but I'd like an eyebrow piercing on my right and a cheekbone piercing on the left. I would also like my full name wrapped around my left wrist and I'd like my main family members names wrapped around my right ankle. I would also like the roman numeral of my birth year or something on the back of my neck. I like how this girl has a tattoo on her arm and how the other girl has one on her thigh and leg but I'm not sure if I'd get those.

Love this eyebrow piercing


Love this cheek piercing


Love the roman numeral tat


Like the arm tat


Really want the Wrist tat


Like the thigh tat especially


Really want the ankle tat


Like the bikini tat



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  • I have a tattoo on my left arm and I want a sleave of demons and skulls on my left arm and angels and religious tattoos on my right I also want wings and a star on my waste. A piercing on my eyebrow , tongue, bottom of my lip and gauges.


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  • i'd like to have a big Pikachu on my back, girls would find it sexy

  • Few years ago I wanted to have a tattoo, a crown around my wrist.. But now I believe that having a tattoo is not special anymore, almost everyone has. So it's not also a way to express yourself. I think I won't have tattoos any time soon

  • Frankly speaking I don't like piercings at all.. But tattoes over my balls/ dick... Of bikini girls...

  • mine is a phrase on the back side of my leg.


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  • Lol I'm a sacredy cat too she it comes to needles more than likely I'm never going to get any of these but I want...

    I want a cherry on my back/left shoulder:
    t3. gstatic. com/images? q=tbn:ANd9GcRspByQPX3287LxzZbIen5VWIMvei1cFp9VKAgUdTYTeOX2lj2a

    A heart on the right side of my chest/boob:

    And a tramp stamp/on my lower back (the first one):
    nowthatsatattoo. com/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/lbt/bbnr. jpg

    There is this one other tatoo that I know for a fact I'd never actually get but it's just a crazy creative idea. Imagine the game Packman and imagine him and the blobs moving around on the screen. Well that would be on my entire stomache and above it it would say Please Insert and at the bottom of the game where they normally can escape it will be an arrow pointing down to my... Well I'm sure you can figure it out.

    It would look something like this:


    And those are all of the tattoos I've ever wanted.

  • I would have a few things pierced if my boyfriend wasn't so against them. I would have my nips pierced, my lower back, the back of my neck, my collar bone on both sides.

    I had this one for a few years but took it out a little over a year ago.


    • Oooh i like the ear thingy. I could never nipple pierce lol

    • As for tattoos... I can't decide on one bumper sticker I like enough to actually put on my car. So a tattoo on my skin... LOL

  • I would love a stud piercing for my navel. My friend wears crop tops a lot and she has a diamond stud for her navel and it looks so sexy on her (not sexual, just really beautiful... u know what I mean).

    For tats, my ex and I were planning on getting each other's names tattooed on our lower backs, but since she broke up with me im glad we didn't go through with the tats lol. I want one still for my lower back, its easy to hide or show off depending what I want. So it seems like a good place to have one. :)

  • I have my ears pierced and want to get my belly button re-pierced. It got infected so I had to let it close up.
    I have one tattoo on my wrist and plan on another one soon.

    • Oh yea im scared of the infection part

    • It didn't hurt or anything it just suddenly got puss towards the end of the healing processes. It thinks it was all due to stress because I was really stressed, first semester of college finals week, was having boy issues, and my family during the holidays is far from fun and it had been healing so well up until then.

  • Right now, I only have the plain piercings on my earlobes. I would like to soon get a bellybutton piercing, and add two more piercings to my ears (one more on the earlobe and a cartilage). I find snakebites kind of cool... I definitely want to get tatted, too. I'm a huge bookworm, so I have some book quotes in mind if I were to get inked. As for places, I think I'd have ink covering the outer thigh/hip area, forearm to wrist, side of the neck or back of the neck, or under my boob, LOL (ribcage).

    • I didn't think about under the boob lol. And yea i would like more ear holes but that mess hurts i hear

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    • Oh so the needle isn't like thise? Oops lol

    • Still needles though :I

  • I get a tatto on my arm but I like the kind were u stick it on and not the real kind that needs a needle

  • i would like a tattoo somewhere where i can see it and others can't.
    upper belly tattoo would be best, but that might hurt like a bitch

  • the tattoo on bikini is cool manz
    but i won't tattoo on myself