Innocent girls? Just for guys!

What is it that guys find attractive about innocent looking girls as opposed to just average looking girls? And what do you guys think makes a girl look innocent but in a good way?


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  • also no fellatio is as good as one with innocent looking eyes looking up to you XD

    you should check out the psychological concepts of "babyfaceness" and "childlike characteristics".

    some are: big eyes, smaller face, higher forehead, round cheeks, round face, small nose, small mouth. now use makeup to augment those effects.

    dont overdo it though, you also have to have some "signs of maturity"

    like: not too small boobs, somehow promoted pelvis, not too thin, not too big..

    just look it up, I'm sure there is some style advice out there..

    and yeah, corrupting the good girls is fun :P (to some extend)


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  • I think the innocent look, makes them look more feminine (example Marlyn Monroe) and guys have the instinct to protect them.

  • If you look innocent, we can corrupt you. That's why guys find them attractive.

    • Nice!

    • It's true. LOL. I always went for the innocent ones. Quiet and shy, etc. They end up being the "freaks" and the most fun.

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  • I love this question! I apparently look innocent and a few guys have told me that I need to be careful, because a lot of guys will try to take advantage of that. But it's funny because I'm not that innocent, I just have big hazel eyes and blonde hair and I laugh easily. But some guys do seem to dig someone who they think they can manipulate, that's for sure.