How can I have an emo hairstyle without using hair-products?

sth like this guy:

although i don't wanna use hair products, because they destroy your hair, but i'd like to have my hair like that.

my hair are ong enough now in order to achieve this style, and i can achieve it after washing my hair.

but when i go outside my hair will get messy because of the wind.

so what can i do to achieve this without using any products?


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  • Oh its extremely easy considering I'm emo I know all the tricks it just depends on how you part your hair so tip of advice about the length of your finger sideways over your earlobe just part it to the middle of your head and you'll be good then just come it out and it should work but if you wanna go Full wardrobe put a beanie on with it

    • BEANIE? never!!! i don't wear anythng on my head.

      thanks anyway

    • Lol the beanie would be just to keep it in place but I understand lol but yeah just part your hair and if it gets messy in the wind more chances are it'll look more like the guy in the pic

    • Thanks for MHO!!!

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  • Although I use hair products, to make my fringe stay I actually put bobby pins In it at night where I part it and where it sits and then sleep with it. The pins will have either moved or come out by morning but as long as they have stayed for a couple of hour you'll find after a couple weeks of doing this that your fringe will stay and grow like this

  • Oh lawd this takes me straight back to junior high

  • Yes, you get some clippers and shave that shit off.

  • grow out your hair first


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  • How are you going to have your hair like someone who uses hair products if you refuse to use hair products?
    Carry a bottle of water with you and style your hair every 5 minutes and keep it wet.
    Other than that stop being weird and use hair products

    • but hair products DESTROY your hair.

      people who use them often will suffer from hair-loss in the future

    • @asker load of crap.
      Maybe some can yeah, but what putting gel or wax in your hair? No that's just ignorant

    • Literally all products will ruin your hair unless it like a hair lotion just saying