What type of bra creates cleavage?

I have a really large space in between my boobs (AA cups) and I want to bring them closer in together, to create that BAMF cleavage effect you see in posters. I thought it was impossible given my size but I tested it out by pushing the boobs to the center and it looks all right. I need it to stay that way though, without my support.

Regular push up bras don't work for me. Unless maybe, I'm using the wrong ones?


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  • Pushups that makes it look at least 2 cups larger. Got a few cause bf liked it. I thought it made bewbies look so fake. But that's probably because i'm so use to teeny bewbs </3
    I got these www.ae.com/drew-pushup-bras/aerie/s-cat/4980044
    If you need more cleavage, use the clips in the back. Racerback?
    If you still need more, buy some cups and slip it in.


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  • Victoria secrets has amazing push up bras and if its still not enough I bought push up pads from Walmart to give me that extra lift

    • The push up bras from VS didn't push me! Haha. I'll try push up pads tho

    • There's bras there that push you up 2 sizes they are Walmart also you could try a safety pin the bra straps together in the back I used to do that just adjust the safety pin up or down to get to where you like

  • Just use ducktape I don't know if there's a actual bra you can use

    • I had no idea you could do that with duct tape, that is hilarious and AWESOME. Gonna try it first thing tomorrow and hope it works haha

    • Just be careful and make sue if you tape it actually on your nipples put a piece of tissue or something to cover it. But you can look up how to make a ducktape bra. ( the kind you use for dresses that are too low in the front or back)

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