Do girls like a guy with a beard?

im growing a year beard im on my 3rd month and I've been told by some girls that i should shave it but I've also been told it looks really good on me so i guess im confused regardless of the answer im still growing it as a promise to myself :P


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  • A lot of girls like a GOOD beard. No girl likes a scraggly/patchy beard.

    Post a picture of it and I'll let you know if you should keep it or shave/change it.

    • well there it is , what do you think im a slow grower lol

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    • Question, do you think I have a nice beard?
      If you said yes, then keep growing it out. You have much better coverage than I had when I started growing mine, and your sides are coming in much thicker.
      You'll also want mustache wax soon if you don't trim the stache.

      I order all my stuff online.
      BeardBrand beard oil- Tree Ranger Scent
      BeardBrand mustache wax- Tree Ranger

      If you have any other facial hair related questions, hit me up, bro.

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • I mean, some girls are gonna tell you to shave it regardless of whether it looks good or bad. Because some girls just don't like beards, period.

  • you're hot, keep it


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  • Listen to @rthomas43, he's GAG's authority on beards.

  • In my experience it's about 50/50, some girls think they're hot (when well groomed) others hate it. Good on you for growing it regardless what the girls say though, you can't please everyone

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