My husband walks on me all the time, what should I do?

We've been together for a long time. We started dating about five years ago. Admittedly, I should have seen this coming. He walked on me some even then, but now that we are married and are around one another more often, I feel the problem has escalated. It is beginning to tear us a part...

It's just that, he walks so quietly and he is so much taller than me. I know he doesn't always see me, but - still - I like to be close to him. We've implemented a bell collar for myself and squeaker shoes for my husband, and still nothing works. I cannot get out from under foot and he cannot stop stepping on me. I feel like we have come to an impasse. I've contemplated the idea of possibly trying stilts, but I just don't know if I'm willing to go that far. Please, any and all advice is welcome. Our marriage is on the line, and I would hate for it to fall a part over something as trivial as a few bruised toes.


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  • why don't you just hop on his back when you get home from work, tie yourself in and have him carry you around where ever he goes. He could wear a special saddle, you could harness yourself onto him, and get on with what ever you usually do while following him.

    • That's a pretty good suggestion, unfortunately he kicks like a bucking bronco and I'm not that good at the rodeo. I'm not sure duct tape would hold. It's worth a shot though. If it works, it'll definitely bring us closer together. Duct tape may be the only thing that will prevent this problem from tearing us apart.

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  • For those of you who don't know, she means he literally walks over her or bumps into her. Such misleading titles form this one.

    • T___T yes... lol. I am lame sometimes... but then really... what do you do to keep from being stepped on lol

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  • Wait, what?

    • It's horrible. I'm about a foot shorter than my husband, so he doesn't always see me when we are walking... I also like to stay really close to him (kind of like a cat I suppose), so I am always under foot. I just don't know if there is anything we can do to solve the problem. I'm little and clingy, he is tall and has big feet. It's like there is no way to avoid being stepped on it seems.