Which salons can I find The Wet Brush in the UK?

Like my question asked which salons, i'm dying to have this brush :3 it would make it so much easier to detangle my hair after a shower, which salons (apart from Sally's which is a lot harder to find), can i buy this brush from?, i'm not going to buy from Amazon as there is no way to tell which is the real ones... the reviews on many of them might say they are good but there are a couple reviews that tell us they aren't the real ones but i want the real one and the only places to get the real one is from a selected number of salons.

Also currently i cannot order online because i don't have the money but i do have cash from my birthday last year so id like to be able to walk into a salon to buy it with cash.
Does anyone know at all where in England i can buy the wet brush?


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  • Order one online


    • Anywhere salons? i don't have money in my bank at the moment all i have is a bit of cash so all i can do is walk into a salon to buy it.

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    • Shit outta luck

    • Lol nah... i'm sure there are other places not just Sally's, other people seem to have them but they won't tell me where, they tell me to find out myself lol so mean :3 so that's what ama do.