Is it wrong to get jealous?!

Is it wrong to get jealous over your girlfriend posting pictures of herself online in her underwear? After 2-3 years in a relationship, is it stupid to get jealous at all?

I'm curious to see what the girls have to say, because even if it isn't a sexual pose, I would think that a girlfriend posting her pictures online in her underwear is in a way very disrespectful.

Also, after this long in a relationship, if you become jealous in a relationship, is it perfectly okay to tell your partner that it makes you jealous, and out of respect and love your partner should not get mad and call you controlling?

I just want to know if I'm in the wrong here... I don't think I am.


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  • well I would definitely say something like you would appreciate it if she didn't post pics like that. and 2, 3 years in she should be understanding, you just have to be nice about it, not like your trying to control her.

    as for her posting them, I've got friends who have posted pics like you describe when they have boyfriends and usually their boyfriends don't care unless they start getting really rude comments from other guys

    • But it's just like, the mere fact that people see it and that her and I barely are even having sex (or even foreplay) makes me sick that she could do that.

      I don't think it's really controlling at all, the way I told her that it bothered me was that I told her that it hurt me that she posted them and that I had wished she wouldn't do that.

    • Sounds like you handled it well.

      and some girls just enjoy that. one friend actually posed topless covering her self with her hands etc and never heard of a boyfriend complaining about it. she just enjoyed modeling like that

    • Alright buddy, if ur girl is putting up pictures of herself in her under-roos, she want's someone to see! And no- in real, loving, committed relationships, people don't do that kind of thing! lol.