Help me and other people who may go through this in the future. Did I do the right thing?

If a guy is thinning noticeably thinning at the top but uses Rogaine to sustain and promote new growth but has a bald spot the size of a burger being eaten with both hands. The shape of the opening between both your hands together while holding the burger is the size of the bald spot on the back of my head. Was shaving my head the best option or could I have done something else. I was going to try to grow it out and slick it back. Would like to grow it to shoulder length. By the way, I lost my hair because I trusted my sister 8 years ago. She said she could straighten my hair. Chemicals were used. Hair got ruined and scalp was burned. Thus now here I am bald. Is there any reasonable option you can think of? Should I have kept growing it out to shoulder length to try to cover it up? Did I do the right thing in shaving it all off and be bald forever?


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