When a guy asks a girl how long has it been since she's had any "action"...

What is he trying to do? Just simple conversation topic? I don't think so, but I want to know what does it mean...


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  • Trying to place myself in the shoes of the guy that asked you this::

    It seems I would be hinting towards you getting "action" AKA making love with me that night.

    Theres nothing to benefit from the knowledge of someones sexual life if you aren't planning on a relationship. Which I feel is the case (you two moving towards a relationship but not currently holding one)

    The only thing I can feel from it would be that he wanted to sleep with you. By no means would this be a conversation topic.

    If your still unclear let me know~


    • Thanks! but still if a guy asks this could be because he only wants to hook up or having a relationship?

    • Probably just hook up. I pretty much agree with "ArtistBboy" except it's more for hooking up than a relationship...

    • Thanks cheer- she nailed it right on the head. The guy seems like he would rather have a moment with you rather than a prolonged period of time; hence the term "hooking up".

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