HELP! Some friends, the guy I like and I are going camping this next weekend...

How can I flirt with the guy? What can I do to have a "moment" for ourselves?.. HELP!


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  • Being as this is hunting weekend I'm assuming you guys are going not just to camp but to hunt as well?

    If the guys are going hunting, wait until everyone is back from the trip- and then tell him you want to learn to shoot- have him teach you how to hold the gun, keep messing it up- hopefully this comes naturally... or at this point I will be scared... lol jk... But he will be close to you and show you how to hold it, then when he says fire pull the trigger... At that point just be yourself and take over

    Im giving you the 123... give him the 456 (meaning leave the ball in his court)

    -While cooking dinner ask for his help- if he says yes just laugh and make mistakes over dinner, talk about them after dinner.

    -Walk with him in the woods and get lost, eventually you will remember how to get back safely.

    -If you guys are going fishing; cast your line out, then take off your clothes and jump in- tell him to join when your already in... Kiss underwater etc

    You don't have to put a lot of thought into it, us guys get more of a thrill out of a woman that is happy in the moment. We like being close and laughing - so whereever you find room to make a mistake together etc (truthfully accidental!) then just laugh... Get up and say "i do all my own stunts" or... "did you catch that on camera? I should be the next james bond" just something corny but funny works.

    I hope it helps, I too am beggining with the "moments" but basically be adventurous, be yourself, and don't be afraid of mistakes. The moment will come when you least expect it.

    Best regards~



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