Perspective on body types for males?

I always hear my friends (females) talking about how nice a guys upper torso, arms, or penis is... But what about legs, ass, or shoulders?

This one is obviously for the ladies!

So what is it, what takes prominence of importance to you? Knowing he has a cute face, rockin' body, and arms.. is that enough or do you want more (considering physical looks)?

Have fun~



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  • upper torso, back & shoulders are all important.

    face is most important, and hairstyle.

    and please smell pretty too.


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  • have you ever seen the film State of Play? well Russell Crowe gained a ton of weight for that role, BUT I love his body in that movie, he looks like a real man rather than those pumped up guys you see in modeling ads. like seriously, who wants to date a guy who looks like Wolverine?! the only good thing on Hugh Jackman is his nose, which gorgeous.

    though I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with Ryan Reynolds' body in the new X-Men, who would have thought he looked like that? it is a nice body, but I prefer Russell Crowe's in State of Play haha.


      Russell's body was fine, despite it being a bit doughy. However, his hair is a laughing matter, it was silly looking.

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    • Hmm I see what your saying about the securiyt portion- I have heard that from friends before. Unfortunately it really is a health issue, since I've gotten older- I have only gained muscle mass, my BMI is only decreasing in fat percent =(

      I'm very active in activities because I refuse to "weigh alot" but not be able to do stuff. I wouldn't mind so much adding weight as long as I could through it around easily ^_^

    • Throw* - proof reading becomes a necessity when you are answering a lot of questions. *rolls eyes*

  • When it comes to a guy's body, as long as he has a nice, toned chest, I'm good lol. But that's not more important than a guy's face, especially his eyes.

  • All I really need is an attractive face, and a proportional body. I don't really care about muscles, or how big a guys penis is.

    • Pleasant response and realistic approach - I'm glad to hear not everything is about looks XD

  • i don't really notice a guys legs and ass to be honest. the only thing I dislike is if the guy is overweight and is really pear shaped, or if the guy has a shelf booty that's too feminine.

    but overall if he has a cute face, nice body, and good arms he's got it all covered physically

    it's not that important though, it's the overall vibe of a guy. I can't really explain it. I've liked guys that are tall and lanky, short and average weight, tall and big (not obese but picture a texas football player), muscular guys, etc.

    • Great response. I'm not sure you can picture this, but I want your specific perspective and an honest one. - don't ask me why cause its just kinda "at random" - if you will..

      I am 6'2 (my facial picture is above), I weigh approx 160lbs and most of that is in my chest/arms/abs. I have a 6 pack that barely shows too more (so almost an 8 pack) ... I have a defined ass that isn't firm (sorry for the mental pic lmao) and legs that have a little muscle, just enough to not be toothpics

      your thoughts?

    • Sounds like a good body to me. I was just gonna add about the legs, toothpick legs are kind of a turn off but not a deal breaker, but you don't have them so you're good

    • Thanks ^_^ Ill try to run a little more, but I appreciate it. When I get this darn neck-brace off ill be a-ok =)

      The tips help alot

  • a guys penis size really does not matter or his muscle size. I like the most about my man is his puppy dog lookin eyes I mean they are just so cute and he looks so sweet and innocent sometimes. If he treats me good and I can look into his eyes and like him for him that's also fine with me.

    • Another different perspective, thank you very much - lol I get in trouble with those "puppy dog" eyes... My significant other and my mother had some 1 on 1 time. Great response again, thank you

  • usually guys that are strong I call them a hottie with a nice body. and the guys who have a nice butt I call them a cutie with a nice bootie. because usually if the guy is really strong he doesn't have a booty or vic- versa. I really don't think that guys legs are important at all but if you ever do eventually see a guy with really nice legs then I'm sure I would be saying hey that guy had really nice legs. I think a guy having a nice ass is just as important as him having a nice torso or arms. But he has to have one or the other to be a hottie or a cuttie on my book.

    • Ok, I'm not quite following you there- So if a guy is strong, you would consider him a hottie. While if a guy was attractive but not strong, you would consider him a cutie. Which would you rather be dating?

    • They are both the same to me just as long as they don't have a huge beer belly, that is a turn off for me. but I really like a guy with a nice booty.

  • mmm...Ryan Reynolds.

    Hahaha umm Ryan Reynolds aside, I don't place a huge importance on looks...cute face, great body and arms is more than enough for me, as long as he's nice, kind (to everyone not just to me), can make me laugh and has a nice personality too. Actually the looks tend to become less of a priority if he's got everything else, bit of give and take there - if he's really nice, kind and has a nice personality, I have no problem overlooking the fact that he's no Ryan Reynolds. Average looks are good enough.

    • O_O I truly am shocked that women in general are looking for average looking guys... I thought it was completely opposite. This is outstounding to hear this information.

      Thank you for your response... I lol'd at your "he's no ryan reynolds" comment

      ... I'm just in shock really, this is great information that is presenting itself.

    • Hahah yeah guys seem to think girls list good looks and a great body as a top priority. I kind of did go for looks first when I was in my early teens but I think as we get older we realise there are things more important than looks. Not to mention that in my experience, the average looking guys tend to be the sweetest and nicest ones that make great boyfriends

    • That is too true. What really makes me wonder is why some girls (for instance, the ones in my hometown) continue to pursue the "hot boyfriend"... One of my ex friends was hit directly in the face, hard, and so I restrained her boyfriend and took her for a drive... I didn't make a move, I just wanted her to calm down. She is still with that same guy!

      People that are average try to throw more of themselves at a relationshiop were they are just average. It seems I have been thinking incorrect.

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