How to Style Messed-Up Hair?

I was sick of my long hair. So I went to have it hacked off. What I didn't know was that was my stylist's plan, to hack it off. I asked her to cut it into a shoulder length cut with some slight layers to lessen the boxy look. She messed up.

I returned from that appointment with my left side longer then my right side. She also put more of a drastic layer on my right side so there's an inch difference. But on the left it's closer to what I wanted, which was a very slight layer.

I didn't notice 'till I brushed my hair that night how badly she messed up. My mother and sister noticed right away though. I look really silly with my natural curl in there. My right swoops out while my left is relatively straight.

Ladies who have had these 'Horrid Hair Cuts', any advice on ways to style it so it's less noticeable? If you're a guy who knows about this kind of stuff you can still answer, I'm desperate here. Or maybe I should just go have someone else fix it and pray they do a better job.

Thank you in advance.


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  • Make it work to your advantage, use the longer side and flip it over to the shorter side. Use hair bands or tie a cute scarf around your head to draw attention away from your cut. Or part it to one side and twist your hair from the top of your scalp to the back, you can do it to one side or both, it sort of looks like a crown and tie it off. Add a beanie and it looks pretty classy. I shaved half of my hair about a year ago and it's still uneven, I use these techniques religiously. Haha


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  • Try to get it fixed by someone else. Some stylists like to ignore the customer and do what they think looks good; avoid those opinionated ones and find an experienced stylist. Until then, I'd stick with up-dos and braids if you're good at that stuff.