Im ginger but some people say im strawberry blonde. What colour should I temporarily dye my hair in summer?

I'm pale and have a few freckles.


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  • You can leave it just the way it is. I think ginger/strawberry blonde hair is beautiful. But if you really wanna dye it out, you can use a demi permanent hair dye. No bleach or harsh chemicals are required so you hair won't get damaged. They also wash out after a few washes. Plus if you want your natural hair back, use a clarifying shampoo or vitamin C pills and shampoo.
    Manic panic, ion, sparkle and splash are a few brands you can look into.

    Good luck.


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  • How temporary is temporary?

    • About for a month

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    • Don't wash every day. It strips your hair of essential oils and damages it.

    • I know that and I'm sure she does too but if she wants something to only last a month it's a good option.

  • If you natural hair colour is like that, I can't possibly think why you'd want to colour it. Your colour must be beautiful.
    I can spot a coloured girl a mile away. =/ Women rarely look good when they do this. It mostly doesn't blend with their natural skin tone and it just looks off. You can tell it's fake.

    Don't colour your hair. Not every girl has what you have and the shades on your head you're born with can not come from a tube for someone else. You should enjoy that. =)