Stereotypically I look like a criminal help!

Because I'm starting to bald the only way my hair looks good is if I shave my head (not completely like a military hair cut) and because I do it stereotypically makes me look like a criminal/skin head. (I'm not either one) It really sucks because When I'm applying for a job or when I'm out people look at and treat me like a Criminal, The cops stop me in the street to check my I.D (that happened twice this week), and I can't go anywhere without at least one person asking me if I want to buy or if I sell any "products" (if you know what I mean) ...The only ones who don't are the people that I already know...I don't have a job so I can't afford new clothes that make me look less intimidating...In any way shape or form...So any suggestions so I no longer fit the Negative stereotype? Fashionably or otherwise

I'm a

White male

6'3 and 175 lbs

Very short dirty blond hair

blue eyes


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  • "Very short dirty blond hair" can easily be changed into "Less short clean blond hair, balding."

    Add a 3$ (or borrowed) tie and a charming smile and things might be better without any risk and at no cost : it's worth a try.

    • Dirty blond hair is slightly darker then blond hair (it dosn't mean its not clean),,.and I hate the balding look...but thanks anyways...

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  • Go to a second hand store and buy a white shirt and some ties (2-3) as well as a coloured shirt or two. should cost you 10 dollars, give or take, you'll find a job faster if you dress the part and you won't look like a criminal... promise! :) if you don't have 10 bucks, borrow it from someone or something. This isn't fair to you.

  • Smile and try to give off positive vibes. I think the criminal type is hott actually but most guys who fit that stereotype seem intimidating and unfriendly so just try to emphasize your niceness.


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  • I used to have that same problem.

    I couldn't walk through a store without being harassed.

    So, I changed my appearance drastically.

    Do you have any facial hair?


    How do you dress?

    • I'm usally clean shaven and my apararal is mostly jeans, hoodies, and smartass t-shirts...

    • Why not switch to mostly button-up shirts. Perhaps with the sleeves neatly rolled up if it's to warm for them.

      As opposed to hoodies, perhaps a sports coat would be less incriminating.