Belly dancers in Arabic/Muslim culture?

Generally speaking if Muslim women are so conservative and cover their head and face how come they have belly dancers which involves women that don't cover their head/face?


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  • I am an arabic muslim girl, and believe me we arenot terrorists, we don't ride camels and not every women in our culture covers her head, we have belly dancers, strippers and prostitutes. We have drug addicts, drug dealer.
    Our religion (including Christianity and Judaism) is perfect but we are not because we are human and we sin.

    • And yes the belly dancers are muslims but as I mentioned we sin, and not everyone in Arabic countries is religious. And noteevery girl or women cover her hair as I mentioned

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    • yea we should shoot me PM

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  • Because not every arab is muslim. It really just depends where one is from.
    I'm sure if they were belly dancers and muslim, they'd be saving im the dances for their husbands?

  • Belly dancing is not something only strippers or Arab women do. It's an awsome dance.

  • Not all Arabs are Muslim, and some Arab nations are not as saturated in Islam as others.

    The US is a Christian nation pretty much- and we've got strippers... so

    • So all the belly dancers in the arabic countries are christian or someother relgion besides muslim

    • No? I'm sure there's some Muslim belly dancers. Same as Christian exotic dancers.

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