Any tips to blending eyeshadows?

I a brush to blend, but lately I have been having trouble achieving the blend that I want. Has anybody ever had this issue and do you have any tips? Thanks!


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  • Everytime I add shadow to my brush, I always tap or shake off the excess powder. Also, try using a lighter hand if you are a little rough. When blending, I sometimes use a small swirling motion, rather than just back and forth. It helps too achieve that gradient, or makes one color fade into the other better. Also, the type of brush you use can make all the difference. I only use a lining brush from E. L. F to get into my tear duct. Beyond that, my brushes come from Sephora and M. A. C. Hope that helps :)

    • Yes, it does. I was afraid that it might have been the brush that I was using. I can be a little rough when I get in a hurry in the mornings. LOL!