Does epilating hurt the skin so much? How is it?

Have you ever epilated your legs and underarms etc. with an epilator device? Does it really hurt so much? Which brand do you use? I watched a video that tells how to epilate leg and underarm hair but it was intimidating, woman bewares to epilate her underarm to remove hair and red bumps occurred... Does it hurt like a hell? Do epilators remove hair successfully? I wanna try it, but I need your advices...


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  • It is extremely painful and time consuming but it's easier for me than waxing and leaves my legs and crotch 100% smooth.

    But the pain is real. I read it's worse than getting a tattoo. My brother cried almost when I tried it on his arm. I'm good with pain so I don't even blink when I do it but it does hurt

    • Also I got red bumps at first but not anymore. And if I do they fade fast

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    • The one I use is by a brand called emjoi. The pain doesn't bug me I'm good with it

    • Ohh that's cool but I've never heard this epilator brand name in my country, I am from Turkey, Braun, Phillips epilator branda are very wide reputable :)

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  • I tried it when I was little :/ Hurts "so much"
    -Mobildeyim, nicki yanlış mı gördüm diye defalarca baktım, çok şaşırdım


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  • I can't remember what brand I used but they're all fairly standard, was the typical purple and white one.

    It does hurt, a lot. I try to play some power Ballard I can scream at the top of my lungs to distract myself haha!
    It is worth it though, leaves you nice and smooth !

    Waxing is cheaper, quicker, and probably lasts longer though !

    • Tried waxing before but one of my friend said e that epilator removes the smallest hair on the legs and underarms, that's why I prrefer it. Ohhh does it hurt as bad as you scream?

    • I have had to stop because it hurts too much lol, but I've an exetremely low pain threshold, tons of women do it so it can't be that bad!

      You won't be screaming though :)

    • Woww that sounds imteresting so I will try your suggestion :) Epilating is very painful I know but it's very simple, personally I find the epilator devices very simple. You ride the epilator on the skin but waxing is dirty because I am a student and I can't pull the waxing pad myself, I have to help from someone especially underarms. Lol I will try it :) Do you like your device?

  • They do but it's basically ripping your hair out similair to waxing. You can now buy personal laser removers and they work great and it's permanent. I have the Tria and I love it! it will only work for light to medium skin so if you have dark skin it won't work.

    • No I have white skin so it works very well!.. Sounds nice and I will try it but epilator is temporarily for me cuz I am a student so I prefer simple ones :)