What age do women stop looking for "hot" guys?

and start giving nice, cute guys a chance who will treat them right? I'm in college, and it seems as if most of the girls, even the average looking ones, only eyeball the hot guys and blow off all the others. I'm not ugly, neither am I "hot." But I'm in between (cute).

When will I get some action? :(

And you know what? The funny thing is, the "hot" guys are scumbags who treat women like garbage. Yet women here fight over them (literally).


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  • You will find a girl and get some action when those decide to grow up and get out of high school. It takes someone mature to look past looks and inside at what counts. What these girls do not realize obviousy is looks fade but inner beauty only grows stronger and more beautiful with time. Trust me there are girls out there who do not care about looks that much and you will find one. I totally agree with you most of the really "Hot" guys are total jerks and will only use those women and when they realize that they will come running towards you and they will fight over you stead of them. Good luck and don't give up :) :P :D XD

    • Thanks for the answer. But I do feel like giving up.... I'm tired of talking to a girl only to have a "hot" guy come around the corner and steal her up.

    • Yea I know the feeling I've done it before but after a while they will realize "oh I'm being treated like crap what was I thinking" they will be back dont't worry about that in time most of us realize that the bad boi look and crappy attitude only cause pain not tue love, and when they want true love not lust it will matter :) :P :D XD

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  • Haha when I saw the guy I am curently seeing for the first time I'm like wow he's really nice but I don't really feel a physical attraction he's not that good looking bbut I like him for other reasons... 3 weeks and 2 dates later I was like omg he is sooo sexy... Simple answer to how this happend is the law of atraction. When you like a person for what's on the inside you will just be attracted to them physically and what's on the outside. Its the law of atrraction and it is fused into every human beings brain we can't help it.

  • When I hit my early 20s, I started to concentrate more on the mature, nice, grounded type of guys. I tended to gravitate to the hotties when I was a teenager. After, I got burned enough, I finally had enough of the jerks and wanted a real guy.

    Generally speaking, maybe when the ladies are in their mid 20s or so. They have grown and matured enough to have an idea of what they're looking for in a man and a relationship. They tend to look beyond the physical and focus more on how he treats her, common interests, etc.

    Don't throw in the towel. Not all of us want a hottie or a jerk. We want what you want; a nice girl who will be loyal, respectful, fun, interesting, loving and learn everything there is to know about a potential guy.

  • Okay I am at college and I do not believe all girls go for just the hott guys. Me personally I go for the guys with the personality so it is different for every girl. If you go for the girls that only eye hott guys maybe there not the right girls for you. I think you will get action when you let girls be aware that you like them. not all girls will go to you and girls sometimes can't tell if a guy likes them or not.

    • Wow, you must be like the ONLY one. :(

    • I am sorry that your not having luck right now but I know you will find someone this year. If you are trying to do the same thing the girls are like get action? then I don't know if you will find a relationship and it doesn't matter if your maazingly attractive. some girls will do stuff with guys because they wanna mess around. are trying to get into a relationship or you wanna mess around?

  • I'd say it happens on average...when girls hit about 20ish. I was 20 when I stopped going just for looks. It took a few experiences with hot-jerk guys to make me realise looks aren't everything.


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  • I am in a similar yet opposite situation brother. My long time girlfriend who I was great to, left me because she wanted to find a "hot guy" and someone "better than me". I hope she gets burned. Ironically, I am a good looking guy, good job, going somewhere in life, and I'm not a jerk.

    • Wow, I'm so sorry, man. Women are cruel.

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    • Well said, and I wish you best of luck.

    • Thanks, same to you.