What can I wear to go with this mask?

So next week it's carnival in my city. People dress up, mostly as crazies or some other undefined costumes. Not scary though, so unlike Halloween . I, however, have to work at the cafe where I work (duh!). And we have to wear costumes. Since I have no costumes whatsoever, I'm planning to go as a nerd girl on one day, and just wear this mask the next day. https://www.ebay.de/itm/261574861136 (picture 2)

The question is, what to wear? Is it OK to just wear a simple bodyfitting black dress? I need to be comfortable in the clothes since I'd be moving around a lot. I mean, A LOT.

It's the second mask, so the third picture. Sorry. So "model 2".


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  • A nice dress is fine with that, you could also get a Clown costume with it if it makes you happy.

    • Actually what else would you want to wear with it than a dress? I mean it's made for that in my opinion.

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  • I think a simple fitting dress is fine. If you wanted to get a little attention though, you could go for a solid colored dress since the black mask will go with anything.

    • I'll be working though... behind the counter. Not sure if I wanted to get a little attention

    • Ah, I thought you were going just for fun, to show yourself off kinda thing. A simple black dress would definitely be a good choice then (:

    • I wish I were going to a costume party instead of working... *sigh*

  • Yes a simple black dress to match it