I want to cut my hair short?

right now my hair goes down to my nipples
i was thinking of cutting it shoulder length

i have a mirror facing a mirror, so i can see the back. I've cut my own hair before, but never short.

do you have any advice or can you talk me out of it?

i did it. since i didn't cut my long bangs, i look the same from the front
and now i look like clarice starling from silence of the lambs lol


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  • i say go for it. hair grows back. and it's probably better to cut off a few inches, get healthier hair growing. and shoulder length isn't that short.


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  • shoulder length is a minimum

  • Long hair is sexy as fuck! Short hair not so much. That won't be enough to talk you out of it, but it is my opinion nonetheless! lol

    • Mid length can also be sexy as fuck! I just really don't dig those short cropped hairstyles on women, sometimes I see a really hot girl but her short hair kinda ruins it for me. Of course I know it's about more than that so I wouldn't write her off (gracious I know) but if I'm brutally honest I'd wish she had longer hair.

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  • I personally really enjoy having short hair but I think if you're taking so much off you should go to a hairdresser so you can get a cut you like and give the hair to Locks of Love.