They say a man in a nice business suit is like lingerie for a woman... does a guy's taste in clothing really that big of deal for a girl?

To be honest I've never put a huge emphasis into clothing. I'm a very athletic 33 year old guy (used to fight professionally) and to me it was more important to invest in my permanent clothes (my body) than wasting money on designer clothes that will eventually be outdated or worn out.

However I've recently tried to be a little more stylish. I've bought some nicer shows, some nicer clothing, nicer shirts, etc. I even discreetly hired a 21 year old model to help me pick out clothes at the mall (I absolutely HATE malls... but I have to go sometimes).

That said how important is a guys sense of taste when it comes to dating? I know it matters... but I'm always a bit concerned that if I go overboard I could be labeled gay and/or a metro sexual. The question is this... would you rather date an average guy who dresses really nice or a very athletic guy who dresses mediocre?

bought nicer shoes...
Just for the record... I'm not talking about wearing a "business suit" all the time. Just spending money on more expensive clothing... how important is it?


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  • I'm a bit of both. I don't need my guy to wear the latest trends, he just needs to look good in what he has... That said when it comes to dress up, I have a tie fetish. A hot man in a suit & tie is a trigger for me. I love buying my guy ties, putting the pieces together. I worked in a mens clothing store years ago and loved it! I pay close attention to a mans tie when I see a guy dressed up that catches my eye.

    • I thought that it was just me. I have a tie fetish too. I love to buy ties for my guy.

    • I love watching him put it on.. Take it off.. Love to buy them.. If he dresses casual for work its fine, I enjoy it when he does dress up.

    • Hello darling. Do you like my profile picture?

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  • Expensive menswear is mostly a waste. And, if you have a very athletic build, it's unlikely to fit you well. You'll do better with 2nd line designer stuff.

    E. g. Mainline (1st line) suits from Ermenegildo Zegna are mostly made to fit men built like Donald Trump... because that's what most men who can afford 1st line designer menswear are built like. You could get made-to-measure, but that would still have wide lapels and such that wouldn't look good on a fit guy.
    With Z Zegna (the 2nd line from the same brand), you'd get a better fit. Still expensive, but about half the mainline price point, and made for younger/fitter men.

    Before venturing into designer brands, though, you should get a sense of what YOU wear well and like. I wouldn't recommend hiring a personal shopper for this.

    MOST importantly -- Find a really really good tailor.
    Mid-price clothes skillfully altered to fit you will beat expensive clothes any day.
    If you live in northern or southern CA, go ahead and pm me -- I make a decent chunk of my living working with male fitness models, and can point you to some good tailors.

  • dressing well is good but no need to wear a suit all the time. i love when my boyfriend has to wear suits for stuff it's so sexy but it would get old if he wore it all the time. a nice shirt and a pair of jeans is perfectly fine. and it's ok to wear sweatpants sometimes too! haha

  • i like a guy who dresses well, and more importantly, wears his clothes well. It doesn't have to be a business suit, thank goodness, but some guys just know how to dress well even if they are in blue jeans and a flannel shirt.

  • A stylish guy can be extremely attractive as long as you can still tel he is masculine.


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  • I, too appreciate nice shows! Your style of clothing projects an image. Question is, can you live up to that image? Of course, there's some room to wiggle, but don't go wearing suits if your idea of a date is to play video games back at your place, lmao.