Do shy and introverted types even get body mods/tattoos etc?

The sad truth is that these types just intimidate me, not because I think they're violent or anything, but because all my life there were always these 'cool kids' with the tattoos, piercings and whatnot. I guess I was never 'interesting'

Do to the point, do shy and introverted types even get body mods etc? It always struck me as a thing for the outgoing and extrovert. Not that I necessarily want to, but I couldn't if I did. I'm guess just too nerdy or 'beige'. Shame.


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  • I believe that many of those people with an alternative appearance were former introverts. I mean, I've heard people say that they weren't popular or that they felt insecure or they were shy and introverts, and when they started taking a more alternative style, not necessarily body mods and tattoos, they felt better because they expressed themselves this way.


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