Girls what is your favourite makeup to use? and what makeup would you say you use most?

Girls random question about makeup (I got bored and am a bit curious) What make would you say is your favourite to use (in general favourite makeup but also favourite makeup brands) and what would you say you use the most for makeup? I personally think my favourite is Mac makeup as it last a long time and is good quality I think I use foundation and eyeshadow the most lol also any good brands you really like? as I said I got bored and was just curious.


I`m also looking for some brands to try if anyone has some good ones they use.
That is that they would suggest as a good product.


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  • I love my make up brushes from Hakuhodo. It was the best investment. It is like the softest goat hair brush. I don't own much makeups but i do have Naked 1 pallette and i really love it. They were pricy for me to buy but i never regret buying it and anywhere i have to go kinda fancy way lol, i wear makeup with them and instant fanciness lol

    • I love playing with makeup palettes my new favourite thing is face contouring lol I'm not to good at it yet cause I've only tried I few times but its so fun my favourite thing other then that is my new eyeshadow kit I have been buying these awesome bamboo based brushes its so soft lol I would love to try the ones you have tho it sounds so nice and soft and I`m not much of a cake on makeup person either just eyes and foundation haha thats most of the makeup out there tho but I go as light as I can other then when I do face contouring and nice but you don't look like you need the makeup you have clear skin your so lucky :) and thanks :)

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  • I love Clinique products since I have acne prone skin and they have very good products for it as well as M. A. C. But my favourite product of all times I think it's L'Oreal's Miss Manga Mascara, I absolutely adore it!

    Some of the brands I own are MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Benefit, Clinique, Bourjois, Makeup Forever, Makeup Store, Chi Chi, Milani, L'Oreal, Maybelline (the mascaras are amazing!!), NYX, Revlon, Elf, Urban Decay, Stila, Hourglass, Bareminerals, The Balm and Face of Australia

  • I'm a big fan of Too Faced. I really like their colors, cases for eyeshadow, and it's long lasting. I use Makeup Forever for foundation though.

    • I have heard of it but haven't tried it I'm thinking I will give it a try thanks :)

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