What size is mens 29 pants in womens jeans?

hey! i wear size 29 width/length jeans, what is that converted into womens? I just like the look and feel of womens jeans! THANK YOU!!! :)


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  • That's kind of a loaded question.

    Women's clothing is a lot more specific than men's when it comes to sizing.

    For example there are Juniors sizes, Misses, Womens, plus, tall, and petite categories for each of those as well.

    Typically if you went into a clothing store and asked for women's sizes it would normally be a plus size though not always depending on the store and the brand. I only tell you all this so you don't end up getting something that fits you badly. Misses sizes are the ones in most stores and in misses a 29 inch waist would be somewhere between an 8 and a 12 depending on the brand and whether the jeans are low-rise etc.

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