Girls wearing tight pants vs short skirts

Hi girls, I was looking through some of the answers and questions that you'll have given about not wearing undies and wearing short skirts. But after reading so many answers which appear to be the same in some kind of way like an old wife or granny tale. I was wondering, since a lot of girls said that they wear undies with certain clothing like tight pants, and short skirts but not with full one and long skirts. My question is what the difference if a girl wears very tight pants short or long or tights that shows their figure and occasionally the imprints of their v's which can be see by all, and some girls wearing tights with no undies where you can defiantly see a camel toe, from a girl wearing very short skirts with no undies? I don't understand the differences and the big point of girls name calling other girls if they chose to wear short skirts with no undies whiles girls in tight pants not being called names or label. In my option the only difference is having sex with a man with condom and without. The both are the same to me, the girl in tight clothing showing her shape and the one in short skirts although is more revealing to me and everyone else, but if she is careful is just as the same with a girl wearing long skirt with no undies. The only difference I see is a penis with condom and one without. I still sees both of them private areas and how it shape but the in tight pants I see more but is more acceptable. I don't understand can some one or a lady explain this to me?


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  • I think that it's because you can actually see the girl's junk with the short skirt and no underwear, whereas the tight pants are more of a teasing but not seeing thing. But honestly I'm not sure if I read your question right . . .


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