Pros and Cons of getting the relaxer treatment done?

My hair is curly at the bottom, wavy in the middle and straight at the top. It drives me insane and the curls completely depend on the way I go to sleep. I hate straightening it so often and so I really want the relaxer treatment when I go off to college. My dad says no but I think that's just because he doesn't know what it is. So what are some pros and cons so that I can talk to him more about it?

Oh and can I still donate my hair afterwards? I love donating my hair but if I won't be able to after getting the treatment it may be a deal breaker.
My hair is really difficult to manage, it's a huge frizzball that is just annoying to deal with.


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  • It's not too bad actually.
    Pros: easier to manage, no need to straighten all the time, no heat damage, less tangling, hair growth more noticeable, more styling options

    Cons: dryness, split ends more noticeable, have to cut hair if you want curly hair again.

    But if you know how to take care of your hair, it's a good option. As long as you deep condition often, and rinse the relaxer out completely after applying, your hair will be fine. And you can donate hair, but virgin hair is preferred and has higher value.


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  • As long as you get it professionally done, it really isn't that bad. I had it done several years ago (I have curly hair as well) and you'll still probably have to straighten it once in awhile to get it perfectly straight, but overall, it's not bad. If you go to a reputable hair stylist who's experienced in chemically straightening hair they'll know how to do it while causing the least possible amount of damage to your hair.

  • Don't do it. It seems good but it isn't. The chemicals can cause damage to your hair.

  • Nooooo don't!!!

    *hair will be easier to manage.
    *Won't have to heat straighten.
    *Easier to just tie back and forget about.

    *very strong chemical.
    *Some people get bald from it eventually.
    *Have to continue forever or cut off all the relaxed bits when you don't want it, which could be a big haircut.
    The chemicals are very very very damaging and some people can't care for their hair so well in that state, leading to major breakage.

    There are other less harsh options, look into some. There's so many. Plus your hair sounds easy to make straight, so you can even just roller set for a really sleek, unfrizzy, wavy look. Or wrap after for a straight look. Check out some YouTube videos and stuff.

    • And you can only donate virgin hair usually. That's hair that hasn't had any chemicals, not even dye.

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