As a straight guy, is it weird that I... ?

... envy women for the vast amount of fashion choices they have?

I am a comfortable non-homophobic straight male with a wife and 4 kids... and I envy women for their ability to wear anything and have it look good. I wish men had more fashion choices and could as easily look attractive as women


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  • No it's not weird. Men have numerous fashion choices I think it's time for you to explore. Being well dressed does not make a man gay.


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  • I envy guys for the vast amount of fashion choices they have. My favorite past time is dressing up my boyfriend in awesome clothes.

    • I don't get where you are coming from, since we have 3 options for everything.
      Shirts (T-shirt or Button shirt or beaters)
      Pants (Jeans or Dress pants or shorts)
      Shoes (Sneakers or dress shoes or boots.)
      Accessories (watch, chain, maybe a ring.)

      Women get
      tops... (tanks, blouses, t-shirts, dress shirts, ... plus you can have them cut in patterns, no back, tied.)
      bottoms... (Dresses, skirts, dress pants, tights, jeans, yogas, shorts or varying lengths and materials.)
      shoes... (sneakers, work boots, other boots, endless shoe variety's.)
      accessories... (anything you feel like making an accessory. Scarfs, throws, clutches, endless jewelry)

    • You just aren't looking at fashion for your gender, if that is truly what you believe.

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  • Not at all. I'm sure a lot of women envy men for their clothes, mainly the size of our pant pockets lol

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