He didn't seem like he cared to carry on a conversation.

alright so I was sitting next to this guy I like on the bus. and he was wearing dress pants a dress shirt and a tie so I asked him why he was wearing those. he answered and I was like oh that's cool. then like minutes later I asked what his name was cause we weren't talking. he turned to me and smiled a big smile too and said his name but he didn't seem like he cared to carry on a conversation. so where does that leave me


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  • Um...hitting on him?

    I used to strike up conversations on the bus to work with women. The women would be leery at first, but loosened up when it became apparent that I wasn't hitting on them. When they got to know me they'd say, "Oh, that's just Ted."

    Is this a regular bus ride, like to work, school? You could strike up a nice friendship.

    Or, perhaps he's shy. In this case you'll have to take the initiative. You did that and it's good of you. If he's shy, he'll appreciate it.



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  • Well if you didn't get his number/email address/etc., it means absolutely nothing. Forget him & move on to the next hot guy!

  • hmm, I think he might have just been trying to be nice, that's all.. if you had to make the effort of forcing on the conversation, I don't think he was interested..

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