What is wrong with me?

Why don't guys approach me, like once a get gets to no me, its great and he likes me but, my question is why so few ask for my number or even show like remote interest. I'm not shy and my guy friends say I'm very good at flirting. I get hit on a lot at work (but that's cause I waitress and guys always hit on the waitress when there at a bar). But when I walk down the street alone guys always cat call or be like that girl is so f***ing sexy.. So I don't think the problem is that I'm really unfortunate looking. So what's wrong? Cause I am honestly stumped.


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  • Maybe you should start doing some work to get this boys attention.

    If you've just been waiting around for him to walk up to you like superman, it's not going to happen.

    Give them signs, try talking to them more often, get to know them. Make them comfortable around you. Right now I see it as you're the confident, popular girl, and the guys fear rejection because they may believe you're too good for them.

  • to be honest, and this may sound harsh, most guy's ask for girls numbers because they are physically attractive, at bars people are drunk, and don't know who they are really sweet talking to, on the street maybe you wear revealing clothing, I don't know... but in the end (and I say this with all kindness) at first glance a guy will only ask for your number if your are attractive...

    • Haha thanks.. honestly I'm not being sarcastic. I guess being just pretty isn't good enough these days. You need to be drop dead gorgeous on weigh no more than 120lbs. for guys to notice you. Bring on the anorexia, bulemia and plastic surgery, I'm sick of being the girl that nobody wants

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