What was that look for?

he kept crumbling up his papers and walking past my desk to throw them away in the trash can right next to me. each time, he would look down at me. he does this every class period and he does it a lot. well. he saw me folding up a piece up paper into a heart. he walks slowly past my desk and sorta stopped and turned around to see was I was writing on the folded heart. it said"love is.." and he gave me wtf look and walked back to his desk. he's always turning around and looking at me. his girlfriend even looks at me all the time.


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  • maybe he's a judgemental type of person that thinks your mental...man I wish I could hepl you more than this, and maybe his girlfriend is looking at you because she is jealous or maybe they are both "laughing?" at you


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  • He obviously has some interest in you I'm not exactly sure if its love interest by your description and I guess his girlfriend is jealous or just as curious as you are

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