My friend is trying to hook us up; but I like him ...?

(First of all, she doesn't know that I loathe lol him) <3

Him: (talking about something I made) Lol, I love it.

Friend: He's talking to you!

Me: Shut up...

Friend: (and she said this in front of him, lots of times) [my name]! ASK [his name] OUT! HE'LL SAY YES!

Friend: I saw [his name] looking at your picture. It looked like he was gonna kiss it, ew!

Friend: Ew, he looks ugly! And it looked like he was looking at you!

Stuff like that, plus. I gave her my yearbook so she can have people who were gonna graduate sign it, and she asked him to sign it for me! He wrote something kinda weird/cute, lame-oooo [:


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  • Who did you end up with?