Do woman really comfortable with their long hair?

Its common woman usually have long hair in all race and cultures. I ask this question because i usually shave my head if i felt uncomfortable with my hair. Its so much comfortable shaving your head as men , its weird for 3 - 4 days after that its so much let go of my worries about hair.

But for woman they dont shave their head , because of beauty and social pressure i guess.

So if you want to shave your head for comfortability will you do it?


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  • My hair is long and sometimes it's a hassle. I'm actually planning to cut it eventually but I don't think I'd be able to shave it. I wouldn't be comfortable with a bald head at all.

  • I'm really comfortable with my hair.
    I have long hair, almost down to my waist.
    I would not shave my head, even if it's comfortable, i like having long hair.. it's warm and soft, i also like having short hair because it's easy to put up and stuff.


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