Do you like this homemade remedy or hair care?

I'm debating weather to use the ingredients in her video or not. Does anyone else think this is a good idea?


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  • Her name is Olivia Denny, but her internet last name is "Jensen." She's very good, I would recommend her.


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  • I have this thing about using food as beauty products, it's a good a idea but better if you just eat them. You can probably get a better, long lasting effect from the inside out.

    • The girl who did this video is a vegan. It makes sense I guess.

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    • She's 25 and supposedly, has been a vegan since she was 16.

      I don't know how that can be. Does she have a disease which stores 99% of body fat into your rear end? Lol. I have a huge butt too, but I got some thighs and hips on me as well.

    • Maybe she's a vegan because of the booty metabolism lol
      i think I'm satisfied with my body enough, shopping for jeans sucks with even a slightly bigger than average butt, but good for her lol