What do you think of my date outfit?

We're going for a walk, doing a little mall shopping, then getting dinner. Yes it's cold and I plan to wear all this :p



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  • I think it looks good. The main thing is that you are comfortable and warm in it.

    • Thanks so much! I'll be warm for sure with that many layers, but it will still look cute?

    • Yeah it looks cute as cute as you can be during winter. I mean it would look weird if you went out in a frilly dress or something.

      The only suggestion I would give is change the scarf to a non neutral color. The colors you got right now are all neutral and the outfit could do with a pop of color. Any color would work because everything is neutral.

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  • You're going to have a very good time with this dress.
    If you are going to put-off them then I guess it'll take a lot of time and your BF would be like "What? one more" but it's okay, it'll keep the curiosity alive. You'll look pretty in it. Good luck.

  • I like it! Stylish! Have I seen basically this same question like 3 times? That whole outfit layout has been linked to 3 questions recently... :-\

    • I posted it once before! I never went on that date but still had the outfit idea.. sorry I won't do doubles again!

    • I don't care if you do or not. I'm just happy I'm not crazy!

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  • It looks super cute and practical! I like it a lot.

    • Thanks!!! I was worried it might be a bit too many layers for a date, but I'll sure be warm!!! Think it will get too warm over dinner? I do get cold easily and want my walk to be comfortable :p

    • The genre at thing about layers is that you can add or remove whenever you like. I'm sure it will be fine :)

  • Looks cute!! The most important thing is that you are warm and comfortable. No matter what you look like, if you're cold or uncomfortable you're not going to be able to have a good time!

    • Thanks!! Yes I'll definitely be warm, and we're walking outside and it's freezing. Might be a bit heavy in the mall and at dinner, but I'll unzip lol. Do you think it's too many layers or will it still look cute? :)

    • I don't think its too many layers! It'll def look cute :)

  • It looks really classy, all of those are neutral colors so they're gonna coordinate just fine. If this date ends in sex it will take hours to remove =P

    • hahaha i didn't even think of that!! I can imagine him saying "what, *another layer*?"
      Thanks for your confidence! You don't think it'll get too warm indoors in all that? I do like to be warm when I'm outside...

    • Better to plan for the outside, you can take layers off inside but you can't put more on that you didn't bring!

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