Cute guy in Bio class, what do I say to him?

I think this guy in my Biology class is really good looking and he has a good sense of humor. I sit in the front row with him but there's 2 people (1 is a good friend of mine) between us so it's kind of hard to talk to him. He doesn't really talk much to anyone, so I can't join in on a conversation he's involved in. All I've managed to do is offer him my last piece of gum, which he accepted (not like that makes a difference but anyway) and gave me a smile that knocked the breath right outta me. I'm really stuck as to what to say to this boy because something about him makes my mind go blank and I can't think of what to say to him. Please help..


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  • Talking to him first is the best thing. Try finding him at lunch and make conversation, or join in on a conversation his friends are having if their are people around him.

    When you confront him, don't be nervous to say anything and chose you words carefully. Try to find as much about him as you can. Include him in things that your doing: if your going to a party invite him, if your in a sport ask him to come see you at one of your games, if your going to the movies with friends ask if he wants to go.

    Shoot for friendship first and then work your way up to whatever more you want to be.

  • I suggest chatting to him normally as you would anyone else. Once you strike up a conversation, you can begin flirting and become more. At least you will over time.


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