What do you boys look for in a girl?

Okay, so iv got a kinda weird questions for boys but, what attracts you most? I have short. straight black hair and blue eyes. I try to keep my make up as little as possible but I do like a bit of foundation and mascara. I don't dress to over dressed. But I see girls with really good looking boyfriends and they wear high heel boots, short skirts and extensions. make up to the full. And I was just wondering what attracts you most. what really catches your eye in a girl. I know it sounds daft but id love the help thank you x


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  • I look for anything obvious that shows she is takes: wedding rings, love necklaces and such. Once I believe she might be fair game, I focus on what she's like and what she does. If she smokes, drinks heavily, does drugs, chews tobacco, behaves like a bitch; I have nothing for her. Once I feel she's worth something, then I'll look at her physical appearance. As a man who turns 40 soon(OUCH!), the first thing I look for is her apparent age. Because I have been around a lot of people, I can spot jailbait seven miles away, rarely do I misjudge this thanks to experience. After that, I really don't care about a woman's hair color, height, race or bra size. I'm too old to be mesmerized by two boobs and a pretty face...IMPRESS ME.

    Oops, almost forgot: the less makeup, the better. That includes piercings and tattoos. I'm old fashioned but I feel women look their best with the least they wear.

  • Listen, every guy has a different perspective on what he wants in a woman, we are not as shallow as girls like to think. In all honesty you should remember this 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and nothing will change that. It is all about preference between men. Good luck and be happy with how you look.


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