Any suggestions on how to improve my look?

I'm typically called cute. But being short, having freckles, and being unable to frown (ok so I just smile a lot and have an annoying dimple) will label anyone "cute". My friends always come to me for fashion advice so I know that's good (but I guess because my dad dresses ahhhmazingly I had it easy) and some people call me pretty. I try pretty hard to wear my hair, makeup, whatever right so I can look my best. (Or what I think is) But it's hard for me, as it is with anyone, to really see how to improve. Any idea's?

I just wanted to say thanks. Because everyone is so nice. (ok so maybe not The-Mon. Because btw I did break my nose once & need plastic surgery. So, not funny? ) but yeah I just needed a different look. So I don't get too too boring. Thanks a tonn =]


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  • I agree with jarett it doesn't look like you need to try hard to look pretty you are already beautiful. but girls do need a change now and then to feel good so I would say change your hairstyle, you don't have to cut it if you don't want to, maybe put your hair up if you always have it down or down if you always have it up. go shopping and buy yourself something you wouldn't normally wear but would like to try, a fancy top or some new shoes. I find that buying myself something new always makes me feel better :) or is that my excuse to do more shopping lol

    • I laaaa-ove shopping. Brilliant idea thanks a lot. I think I might like put the top half up but a little to one side maybe

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  • To be honest hun, judging from your picture, you are very beautiful! Just don't cute your hair short because it's very sexy. But don't worry about improving anything. You are naturally beautiful!

    • You always say the nicest things. Your girl friend must have the highest self esteem ever. You know just how to talk to girls. Thanks a lot for the answer =]

    • Lol it has nothing to do with knowing how to talk hun. I'm just being honest! You're naturally a very pretty girl!

  • Yeh you certainly aren't bad looking . =D

    Just try something different , everyone loves a change .

    Try something "funky" with your hair But You should really be content how you are =D


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  • You're gorgeous! And dimples can never be annoying! Some people get plastic surgery to get dimples ahem The-Mon. Anyhow. When I need a little pick me up, I buy a hairstyle magazine and see what makeup products and hairstyles and colors I like and would like to try. I do a little shopping spree and make a hair appointment. Did this last Saturday actually and everyone notices it and it feels great! Every girl deserves to pamper themselves every once in a while hun! Have fun!

    • Omg so I got a magazine & I want my hair like ashley tisdales. (ok so I hate her but I gotta admit that the hair is pretty. ) ohh but it won't be blonde. That's a little extreme. But yeah so I'm excited. I have a million things I want to do now. Thanks =]

    • That's awesome! Have fun with it!

  • On your free time get in front of your mirror and try your hair many different ways. When you find the one you really like keep it that way and then do your make-up. Try Mascara and eye-shadow. If you like that then try a little bit of eye-liner. If you think it doesn't look too good then wash it off. Whatever you think is best ask your friends if they agree then you found your best look. If you have guy friends ask them and see what they think! HOPE THIS HELPED! GOOD LUCK<3

    • Ohh good idea. I need different makeup. It gets sorta old after awhile. Maybe turquoise for a day

  • Plastic surgery?