Looking but that's it

I just do not get it. Guys look or stare and wave and smile and all of that sort of stuff but that's it. No conversation, no hi how's it going. What is going on? Why is that it? It is so frustrating.


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  • A lot of guys are scared of being rejected and looking foolish. There's no risk in looking or smiling, but actually going over and talking to you means they could get shot down.

  • most shy guys, like me for example, are not that comfortable approaching certain girls, (mostly crushes), especially if they are with a few of their girlfriends. I'll try to get you to notice me. if you wave back and smile, I'll be more motivated to talk to you; however, if you don't notice at all, I'll just walk by without doing much. sometimes (maybe it's just me) I wouldn't say "hey" or "what's going on" every time we meet just 'cause I don't want to turn into "that annoying guy that always talks to you no matter how much you try to avoid him" kinda guy.

    • I get what your saying but I do smile or wave back and still nothing. As for the saying hey or what's going on, I meant why don't guys do that if they get a good response like a wave or a smile from the girl, not every time they see them, but then there's nothing wrong with simply saying hey if you see them either.

    • It could mean that they have a crush on you. I often find it hard to talk, or even be around the girl I like at the time, rather than some other random girl that I wouldn't care what she thought of me. if you like a guy that fits the description of waving, smiling, but not talking, then maybe you should drop a few hints :)

    • I don't mean a specific guy, I mean in general because I always get the staring, the waves and the smiles but that's it.

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