Guys & Girls: Opinions about hair length?

I had hair down to my waist a few weeks ago but it was really damaged from bleaching and straightening/curling. I recently cut it like this:
I love this haircut on myself! It's the perfect length and easy to style since I have thick, south indian hair.

Girls: I hated long hair on myself and was just growing it out so I wouldn't have to keep visiting the salon to get rid of my split ends! It kept getting stuck in everything, car doors, zippers, backpacks... and I'd always have to pull it out from under my jacket since I live in the Great White North! How do you guys deal with long hair? (or like me, do you not?)

Guys: Is this length not attractive? The amount of guys hitting on me has reduced a little and I'm not sure if it's because of the hair or something else... Mid-length hair looks better on me than longer hair because it doesn't drag down my face. If you had a preference, what length hair would you want your girlfriend to have?


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  • I had long hair and I cut it to a short length. It's easier to take care of and it still looks good.
    My opinion is if you like it and it suits you who cares how long or short your hair is.