New to all of it... and an eye contact problem...

I'm 22, and have never had...I also have a really big problem with making eye contact with anyone, so I was wondering if this is the main reason that I have never been in a relationship...

i have been told that I'm not bad looking and very sweet...i always hold the door for women at my school, and try to make bursts of eye contact with women as I walk past, but it seems like every time I get contact, I instinctively look away because I don't want to be caught STARING...

Basically, I have a fear that if I start talking to a girl, they will think "oh geesh here we go, another random guy just wanting sex"... but that's not it at all...

Am I a hopeless wreck, or can I be salvaged?


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  • Always know that eye contact is extremely important. Like they say... it is the way to the soul! Women don't think that every guy that talks to them wants sex (unless they are dressed really trashy then that's kinda what they are saying). Casual conversation started in the beginning of every relationship therefore it is a must. Be more confident about yourself and don't think for other people, they can do that for themselves. Eye contact and staring is two different things... staring is uncomfortable but a brief look is enough time to share a second of conversation. Whether it is just a closed mouth smile, a nod of the head or a hello. Don't let opportunities slip thru your fingers, sometimes you only get that one chance...Take a deep breath, look her in the eye and gently say hello. Hope this helps! Love & Peace!


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  • You sound a bit like me. I kind of always figured that women would just cast me into the "dumbass creepo" category, then go tell all their friends about the spaz that just tried to hit on them.

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