What's wrong with me?

everybody around me is making out with all these fit girls and I have no one... how do I get better looking? why am I so ugly? I can't even talk to anyone about it because they say that they are not supposed to talk to freaks... and all I want to do is be normal like everyone else. :( is it the fact that I'm not a chav goth emo thing? is it the fact that I don't follow any trend... its not my fault... I'm just different cause I don't have a chance as I am in care... and its not fair.


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  • Nope...

    There could be a few problems:

    1) You don't have the right mindset. If you're like this the entire day, then I don't think it's weird people aren't attracted to you... Negativity is NOT attractive. So fix that. Get positive (there are some tricks to that). Demolish your negative beliefs about yourself.

    2) You aren't sociable or "cool" enough. In other words: you're a wallflower. You don't interact with people enough. If that is the case, then fix it. As for the "cool" bit: I placed it behind "..." marks because it isn't REALLY what you'd define as 'cool', but it's the only way I could think of. Anyhow... Are you ENJOYING your life? Do you have a GOOD TIME? Do you have FUN doing the things you do? If not: THEN DO SO! Make it so you have fun in your life again. Become passionate about life. Have FUN with your life, man. Passion is a HUGE factor in attraction (as well as your own HAPPINESS!)

    3) You aren't attractive enough. i.e. you don't let your attractive side of your personality shine through. You are shy, or you think too much about what to say. You may act TOO much like a 'nice guy' or the 'friend', in other words: you aren't acting like a person that people would fall in love with.

    4) You're interacting with the wrong kinds of people. If people REALLY are telling you that you're a freak, like that, in your face, then I highly recommend NOT interacting with those kinds of people. Simple. Go somewhere else. Talk with other persons, whom you're certain of that will accept you. "Find your place", you may also say.

    5) LASTLY, and LEAST IMPORTANTLY there is physical appearance.

    As demonstrated by the legend Sean Stevenson ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HBB9CL2TK0), he isn't the prettiest guy, but he DOES get some major tail. Why? Because it JUST. ISN'T. ABOUT. APPEARANCE!

    That being said, it DOES help, both in physical attraction (which isn't that important to begin with, believe me, I have personal experience), as well as your own CONFIDENCE and your own positive self-image (which definately IS important).

    So if you are "ugly", then get yourself a fix. In fact: just send me a pic. I'll decide whether you're ugly or not. For you, believing is seeing right now. If you BELIEVE that you're ugly, then you WILL see yourself as such (anorexia works the same way). So stop seeing yourself as such, or fix the problem, IF there is any.

    Anyhow... These issues can be easily fixed. If you're motivated to change, and are actually committed to solve these problems in your life, then you CAN. I know because I've been there myself, and I've conquered it.

    Having said that, I CAN HELP YOU DO THIS. If you want to, send me a message, 'cause it's gonna take more than just a comment or an entire question thread, even. This will take REAL WORK. But I'm willing to coach you through this.

    So the question is this:


    Send me a message with your answer.

    In any case: good luck, and have a great day!



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  • Well I don't know what you look like (but really that doesn't matter!) but as a girl it seems to me that you're just sending out desperate self-pitying vibes. Would you want to date a girl who is constantly complaining about how ugly she is? No of course not, you wouldn't even want to be in the same room with her for five minutes! of course girls don't want to hear you talk about this to them. Self depreciation is NOT attractive, it's a major turnoff actually.

    And why do you say that everyone around you is making out-it doesn't sound like you even want a real girl so much as you want the confidence that comes with a girl wanting you.

    You will not find any confidence by complaining. Focus on what's good about you.

    And remember that over confidence is also unattractive, you don't want to listen to a girl go on about how perfect her hair is either.


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  • I believe that once you've hit rock bottom (emotionally) you may find that things start to improve. So just keep panicking and hating your life and everything will proceed in your best interests. Paradoxical I know. Maddening yes. But that's the whole point.