What can I put in my hair to make it look fresh and non-tangle?

I have thick black hair but it natural wavy. So, how do I make it look like fresh or keep in places.


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  • In black and I have no idea what black hair is, there's not such things as black hair unless your referring to the color.
    Anyways a good doughnut bun or Dutch braid keeps my hair looking nice hike being stress and tangle free

    • sorry I mean the color black.

    • Yeah then just a bun or braids us always good an convenient

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  • You mean, in order to make it look less dry? You can try applying leave-in conditioner or two small drops of an oil of your choice. I'd recommend avocado or grapeseed oil. Personally, I recommend a product called Mythic oil which is a combination of the above. It works well for me.

  • You need a hair holding spray
    lately this is the only one i have been useing

    i only have the small one because mine was a free sample but i love this stuff

  • What exactly is messed up about it? Can you give me more details?

    • Its not moist enough... it look dry... it get frizz on top.

    • Conditioner. I use some stuff that's realt cool. You use a small drop and it de frizzes your hair. It's from Redken. Called 'Outshine'. It's defeizzing, polishing milk. It's wonderful.

    • Also you can, next time you get your hair cut, ask the stylist who is cutting your hair for any tips. They are very eager to help. I wouldn't buy anything from the salon, it's generally wayy over priced but you can find some lesser known brands at your local grocery store that work just as well.