In our usual group table, this guy interrupted me, and looked straight at me and said "you're so cute"

there was an awkward silence between all of us at lunch, and me and the guy just looked at each other smiling lightly...what does this mean? how can he be so confident to compliment me in front of our friends? I couldn't help but blush and giggle.

Was he just being friendly? =/

he was twirling his cell phone around slowly, smiling to himself, lost in his own thoughts, then interrupted me while I was talking to another guy, and said it. He was very calm, and genuine about it, he said it slowly...


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  • Well I think he was expressing his fillings... And he most definitely don sent care what other people think.. And he probably likes you (definitely) that is my opinion


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  • He most probably likes you. That doesn't signify he's in love.


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