I'm going on a first real date tomorrow with this girl I met is this okay to wear?

Okay so we are going to this restruant called wecks its a really cool place and a lot of tourist go there so it's nothing like up class wear a suite type of thing, but I was thinking about wearing a dark or light blue pair of jeans with a light blue button down shirt I will have it tucked into my jeans of course but ladies what do you think. I am a man so of course my wardrobe is very limited, but still I really like this girl and donot want to dress how I normally dress

Can't believe I'm even asking this question I must really finally care about what someone thinks


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  • Wear the darker jeans and try a different shirt. Can't go wrong with black or white solid shirt otherwise there is too much blue. Make sure your hygeine is on 100 too

    • What about a silver gray button down and blue jeans o r does that not match hahah

    • Never mind haha I think I'm going to go with a white and blue stripe button down black undershirt and some jeans

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    Take your pick - you can't go wrong with imitating any of these honestly. Depends on your style of course so most important - just be yourself and dress like YOU. if you're not comfortable and feeling attractive in your clothes that you're wearing than you're not going to be feeling like youve got game during the date. I'd change the shirt though because its too much blue and only tuck in if you have a belt to wear too, but also grungy is in so you dont nessicarily have to tuck in your shirt if you'll feel uncomfortable doing so.


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  • I think it's too much blue. Black jeans, blue shirt ok, blue jeans and white shirt ok or blue jeans and brown shirt.

    White jeans and brown shirt is also ok.

  • You should wear red that's what attracts many it shows that you are a dangerous person who seeks excitement. Why else do you think bulls chase after the maditor...

    • I read somewhere women subconsciously think blue is attractive... squints... scratches chin... There's a 50/50 shot OP you either fuck it up, or you pull it off. Good Luck!

    • Its not that its just blue it stands for purity meaning that you are pure at heart. So if you want to lower your chances of hooking up in the bed room then go ahead wear blue but like I said red is a color that catches the eye of a beast ( a freak)

  • - be yourself
    - be clean (clean mouth, clean shoes, shaved or well trimmed beard, bath, if you can use cologne but enough to smell nice but not to poison everything or leave a trail)
    - use an outfit that looks like you cared enough and tried to look nice but don't exagerate
    - use what you would consider casual