Girls and Guys: Whats some clothing, materials, or hairstyles that you don't like seeing on the opposite sex?

I guess I'm technically judging someones fashion sense, but I'm just naming things that I don't like to see on guys in generality. I'll turn down the hottest guy if I'm not feeling his style. there's no reason to try to make him choose between me and his style.

#1 Guys in Skinniez
(No just no, especially if you're not even a skaterboy.)

#2 Guys with 2 Earrings
(Please just where one or none.)

#3 Cardigan Sweaters
(I admit Bieber is looking better now that he's all grown up and doesn't have that girly voice, but I hated seeing him in this girly looking cardigan sweater.)

#4 Toms/Bobs
(They look like girly ballet shoes.)

#5 Bermuda Shorts
(His shorts shouldn't be above the knee, and they definitely shouldn't be shorter than mine.)

#6 Arched Eyebrows
(Tweezing is understandable. Full on arching isn't. I don't even arch my own eyebrows. Just let them be natural.)

#7 Nail polish
(I have nothing against goths, but I hate polish in general.)

#8 Bowties
(They remind me of Peewee Herman. I think bows only belong in little girls hair.)

#9 Scarfs
(I know its cold outside, but...)

#10 Speedos

I meant "in general" and "wear one"


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  • I have a personal bias against girls who don't dress for winter. Light coats and T-shirt or short sleeves in winter is a huge turn-off. I've even seen shoes in snow. Putting fashion over warmth is not attractive at all

    • I'm guilty of this. I'm wearing short sleeves now. It has to be really cold for me to consider a jacket. Even then, I choose a light coat.

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    • What if those girls were not even cold? :D!

    • then they don't need a warm guy :)

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  • What... length shorts do you anticipate men wearing?

    Scarves are good. As outerwear. When it's winter. Not as something you wear around inside because you think it looks cool.

    A bowtie is the only acceptable tie with a tuxedo or tails. Wearing a long tie with a tuxedo makes you look like a petulant teenager who can't dress like a man yet. You will look back in a few decades and feel embarrassed that you weren't dressed properly. If you want to target the hate at hipsters wearing bowties with jeans, hate away. But the pic you chose the guy looks perfect for a black tie event.

    On women I hate uggs. Flats in situations where heels would be appropriate make me sad as well. Boyfriend jeans are vomit inducing. I generally hate high waist shorts, they look like diapers.

    • I uggs and high waist pants too. What are boyfriend jeans? I mainly see guys wear bowties with polo shirts, especially the frat boys. Either way, I hage them. Most people wear scareves with anything, cold or not. It reminds me of those choker necklaces. Hate them. I like when guys wear regular school uniform shorts or cargo shorts

  • I`m against women wearing clothes in general!!!

  • I haven't really thought about it, I guess women who dress masculine and wear stuff that's geared almost exclusively to men.

    • I'm a tomboy, but I still wear cute tight fitting clothes. Im not into dresses and stuff

    • I don't mind what anyone wears, they're free to wear whatever. I just like feminine women.

  • The bowtie guy is sexy. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Gosh I hate bowties on a guy

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    • Lol I'd still like to see

    • I need to put it together. Maybe I will tomorrow. :-]

  • In other words your shallow aa fuck... Noted by the way "in generality""where just one"? Gosh hope that's a typo... because just like you "judge" people for what they wear, they also judge them for how dumb they are.

    • As* ((filler))

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  • I don;t like most hairstyles these days, i prefer just a scruffy hairstyle, ether trimmed and clean cut but still that scruffy look or just more scruffy, the most horrid hairstyle is those buzz cuts or piling the hair on top of the head (especially when they have words or pictures shaved into their heads), i think they look super big headed and preppy lol, it tells me he's trying to show off too much to people and gain attention, i prefer a guy is just himself.

    • Buzz cut is my favorite hairstyle on a guy

  • Woooow we're really alike. I agree with everything but #2 and #5, they could work on certain people. But what I really hate seeing is the emo haircuts, long sleeved shirt under short sleeved shirt, and brands/logos all over clothes.

    • Yea 2 is that bad, but I really hate 5. Also, I actually like seeing logos on the shirt, but I do hate seeing the emo hairstyles

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    • So we basically agree on everything. Someome with good taste finally, lol

    • Haha Ikr!!

  • haha the eyebrow thing, the earring and the nail polish are a huge weird!! are they even straight?

    anyway, the rest of your list is perfectly fine with me! I like all that if they know how to wear and style

    I despise anything that is, or appears to be gang related. (even if it isn't)
    baggy clothing
    certain tattoos (if they look stupid or gang related)
    certain shoes
    and ultimately guys who die their hair or cut it in waves and curl the tips ewk! xD

    • Yea often guys who are conceited arch their eyebrows. Its so ugly. I dont mind one earring but two earrings? Just no. Nail polish disgusts me

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