Women, has it ever taken you a while to notice a cute guy?

From a distance your eyes just pass right over him, and you think not much of him. But then one day you are up close and like "Wow, he is cute"?

I think I might be one of those type of guys that women don't notice from a distance, but eye to eye my features stand out more.

I have been told that I have great eyes, and nice cheekbones. But I have imperfect skin from having bad, bad acne in my teen years. So my cheeks are a little discolored, especially in bright light. Up close though, my skin looks better.


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  • Yeah it happens sometimes, but more often than not it's because when I'm up close and talking to him, it's usually the personality that I'm attracted to. Basically what I'm trying to say is I might pass right over an average guy who's just another face in the crowd, but if later on we start talking and he has a great personality, can make me laugh and feel at ease, I can start being attracted to him because of that, and all of a sudden he seems more physically attractive too, even though he probably hasn't changed, just that my perception of him changed.


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  • no I would say rarely ever just because I can't remember a time that happened. there is a guy or two I might've been like "wow they look different" after having not seen them for a while and they've been to the gym or something. but I think with attraction it's pretty dead on---you either think the guy is cute or not at all.

    • So I'm just ugly?

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    • How can I know if I'm ugly? When I look in the mirror I don't think I look that bad....but then again I'm not a woman. So how do I find out the truth?

    • I guess compare yourself to the guys you see in magazines or television. or, just post a picture and have people comment.

  • well every girl notices a guy even if its a mile away. when girls are walking and they see a guy the first thing we look at is there style and clothes than as they get closer they eather are not attractive or hot. eather way a girl always notices a guy.


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