Why don't women look at me?

For instance when walking through Wal-Mart today there were girls my age and not a single on looked at me when I walked by. I'm actually pretty good looking. I'm skinny, 128 pounds, 5'7.

wtf? :(


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  • To gain weight:

    - Eat stuff with a lot of protein (Eggs, salad, meat, etc)

    - Lift the heavest weights you can (1-3 reps apeice 8 times a day)

    - Go running

    - Join a gym or extracurricular activities


    Girls like a man that can protect them... I'm not trying to put you down.

    With being so small, you give a vibe that says you are puny- I was this same way but I'm 6'2... after 3 months I gained 30lbs of muscle... For guys like you and me, we can pack it on quick if you put a great effort into it... And when we do... BAM we look fine, I need my camera so I can show you proof of before and after.

    Ill try to find it tonight... not that you wanna stare at my abs or nothin... I guess I'm into my own looks now? oops... I need to quit that <-- being serious.

    Anyways, good luck man... I had your same deal, give me a hollar if you need help- I'll even give you my work out plan for free.

    • Thanks! I really need to bulk up. What should I do?

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    • Thanks! I don't have access to weights unless I go to the fitness center on campus. So can I do pushups or are those useless?

    • Pushups are good for your back and pex. Look up "free home excersizes" on google and see what you come out with. Do you have an old backpack and some books? you could use that as a dumbell - it's what I have done when I didn't have the funds to buy equipment.

      For your legs, use stairs or any ledge (like a curb) and stand on them with your heels hanging off, then touch your heels to the ground and then go on your tippy toes.. repeat

      ^_^ Man I should just link you to these excersizes lol

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  • Picture? It would help this question out a lot...

    • I'm positive I'm not ugly. I have the "good-boy" look which most younger women hate.

  • it's great that you're confident about yourself, it's a very attractive quality. who knows, maybe you're just not their type, maybe you're in locations that don't give the opportunity to be looked at because those females are busy doing their own thing. maybe you're not as attractive as you think (no insult intended). if you're 5'7 and 128 lbs, that sounds really skinny. hate to say it but in most western cultures girls are socialized to be attracted to taller guys who are muscular.

  • that's too skinny =S

    • How so? :(

    • It's just hella skinny. work out, gain some weight. you weigh less than most girls who are your height.

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