My boyfriend replaced me with Jesus

My boyfriend broke up with me because he found Jesus a week ago. He said that he needed me to do that same but I told him that I can't because I wasn't feeling it. It would seem insincere. He then broke up with me because he said he had to obey God who tells him that he can't be with me because he's supposed to be with a woman who knows God.

I'm just wondering if this is real or if he's lost his mind or is something else up?


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  • Well it's either he really found jesus or he's making up a really lame excuse to break up with you. Even if he really found jesus that's kind of un-jesus like to give you an ultimatum on god. That is a personal decision.

    • Exactlly!! I agree with > that's kind of un-jesus like

    • Yes, thank you. I felt like his beloved Jesus would be more accepting of me than he was. How very unchristian-like of him! I'm hurt.

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  • Well, whether he's found something authentic or not, it sounds like he's definitely found fundamentalism. Extreme religious views will dictate that you only date someone with the same beliefs and practices. So long story short... I'm sorry =( But if he wants to be a Jesus freak and you don't, move on! In my experience Jesus freaks make pretty awful boyfriends anyway! Hypocritical and uptight.

    • Yeah I think you're right about them being awful hypocritical and uptight boyfriends. He commits so many sins, I don't know where he gets off. I'm slowly realizing that this would not be a good situation for me to be in. We still talk but he wants to "show me the way to God". It's weird to me. Thanks for your answer.

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  • I had an ex who also went to the extreme but he became dangerous. He started being controlling telling me it's in the Bible that the woman must obey the man and she is subservant. Also started telling me not to wear makeup, jewelry, not to cut my hair because it's in the Bible that the woman's hair is her veil, etc. etc. Run for the hills.

  • That's complete bullsh*t, and if he can't accept you for who you are, then he's a total waste of your time. Let him find a girl who won't even show the skin on her legs while she's in bed with him...

    • Amen to that.

    • It's really strange. He went from being a very sexual person one day to sudden and complete frigidity the next day. Literally. I don't know how he just turned off like that but he did, and now all his love and verbal affection goes to God. Me? He just treats like a platonic friend now who he wants to rejoice about Jesus with. *sigh* There's still part of me that think that maybe he's having a mental breakdown.

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